Wednesday, July 29, 2009

7/29/09 - Fashion Focus Show

The following images were taken for the Fashion Focus Show. Because of the layout of the room I didn't have too much flexibility with where I could shoot from. The best I could do was sit 3 feet away from the end of the runway and shoot up at the models. This meant I was also shooting up at the drop ceiling (an ugly backdrop for sure), and my perspective of the girls was not the most flattering because it made their lower halves look wider than their upper.

Because the only ambient light was two spots and some dimmed reccessed lights, I had to use flash. To create a softer light, I bounced it off the ceiling. The challenge was that I was popping off a shot every 10 seconds. This, combined with the extra power required to bounce the flash, meant that the recycle times on my flash quickly dwindled. Thankfully, I brought along my assistant (Brenna) and had two flashes and 20 batteries. As my recycle time became too slow, I quickly changed flashes to one with fresh batteries that Brenna was maintaining.

There are a few things I wished I could have done differently. But, part of being a photographer is the ability to go with what the situation warrants and make the best of it. Besides, the girls all looked beautiful... which made my job easier.