Friday, August 8, 2008

8/8/08 - A Tourist in Oregon, Part IV

Ok... so Mt Rainier is in Washington, not Oregon... close enough. Toward the end of the week, we drove the few hours up to Rainier to spend the night and do a little hiking the next day. However, even at the end of June there was still 10 feet of snow at the upper elevations, so instead of hiking, we sledded.

The images for this section were all taken in low-light situations (dusk and dawn). They are of a section of the Nisqually river as it flows by near the Cougar Rock Campground, where we stayed. The source of the Nisqually River is the Nisqually Glacier that works it's way down Mt. Rainier.

The intent of this shot was to make use of the low-light to allow me to use a slow enough shutter speed in order to capture the flow of the river, while maintaining the color in the sky as the sun set behind the trees. I did have to perform some doding and burning to bring out details and color that was otherwise lost in the dusk.

This image was shot shortly after the previous image. The same approach was used.

This image, with Rainier in the background, was taken at dusk. It was a little tricky because the mountain is in the full sun, while the forground is still in shade. Therefore, the background has a yellow hue, while the forground is blue.