Friday, April 11, 2008



The Scituate Reservoir was created by flooding a large section of wooded land. There are times in the summer when the water is down and you can still see the large stumps of the trees that met their fate many years ago, as a result. However, one persistant bush remains. Standing in the middle of the reservoir, it is a strange sight when you drive by.

For a while, I was passing this bush twice a day on my daily commute to work. Often the lighting and/or atmosphere were such that I kicked myself for not having my camera. Finally, one evening in October my timing was on and I had my camera with me to be able to take this shot during peak foliage. The sun was setting behind me, and lit up the scene beautifully. There was little wind so the tree reflected nicely off the water.

I like this image because of it's simplicity, the contrast of bright colors, and the moodiness of the scene.